Stories made with Mural

These are some of the stories made during the Mural development process. We were fortunate enough to work with a team of visual artists and curators across Europe to create these stories, and they're definitely worth exploring, both as sterling examples of visual storytelling, but also as a showcase for what Mural can do.


Forage, by Henna Askainen

The idea for Forage came from Askainen's own experience of arriving in the North East of England from Finland and the rootedness she first began to feel when she had access to the countryside.

Forage is a participatory commission with refugees and asylum seekers now living in Newcastle and Gateshead. It is a series of walks and conversations in landscapes that are both strange and familiar. It provides the opportunity to discover and recover what it means to belong to a place when displaced from home and to experience the most ‘English’ of our landscapes at National Trust sites across Northumberland and Tyne and Wear. Using foraged plants, stories old and new are interwoven into new experiences for participants, and form the basis of a series public artworks and interventions.

Lapse, by Matt Pickering

Told through the eyes of Martha, Lapse explores the ways our relationship with the world changes throughout the progress of Alzheimer’s disease.

Unfolding within her garden, Martha experiences a mosaic of personal memories from different moments in her life, collapsed into a continuous stream that blurs past and present; reality and artifice.

Blossoming Incence Bearing Trees, Or Unearthing His Roots, by Lulu MacDonald

Lulu MacDonald's work Blossoming Incence-Bearing Trees, Unearthing His Roots, is a 9-part site-specific exploration of how images are composed and understood. Taking the understandable symbol of a bouquet of flowers she reinterprets through metaphor, context and composition how we live within our still-lives within our own vases, live and consume, with the ever new recompositioning and transitioning between life and death, moving and stillness.

European Ferries, by Willie Robb

European Ferries is a series of photographs which focuses on horizons and the UK's divisive cultural attitude towards them. Robb wanted to respond to the recent decision Britain has made to come out of the European Union. Physically the images depict historical links connecting the UK to its current continent but that is subject to change. Metaphorically the photographs consider horizons and our cultural attitude towards them.

The Volunteers, by Dominic Smith

The Volunteers is an interview with Dave Bell, Captain, Director and Quatermaster of TVLP (Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade). Using videos of the Tynemouth coast and Bell's recollections, the piece serves as both oral history as well as visual poem of the northern British coastline.

Searching for Spring in Stromovka, by Douglas Arellanes

Originally created as a test when Mural was being programmed, Searching for Spring in Stromovka is a look at one of Prague's largest parks, Stromovka, featuring Arellanes' Boston terrier, Rosie.

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