St. Nicholas Day


St. Nicholas & an Angel & the Devil

"The Scariest Christmas Tradition in the World" according to The Daily Mirror

The Day of Saint Mikulas

Who is St. Nicholas?

St.Nicholas in in fact the Czech Santa Claus, and not only Czech. Legends about Saint Nicholas aka Mikulas, here in Czech, evolved across Northen Europe and he is celebrated on the 6th of December every year.

The real St. Nicholas lived in the 3rd century and he was a Greek bishop of Myra (Roman town in Modern Turkey).

He was associated with many miracled and he a still celebrated as a protector of many people, from orphans to sailors.

One legens says that he saved three little girls from a life of prostitution as he gave them three bags of gold. He was known for putting a lot of attention to kids and making sure that they behave well.

Today, he is still celebrated in various countries around Europe but the way he is celebrated in Czech is said to be one of the most bizzare traditions - that is due to his company. St. Nicholas bring along a couple of angles..

But what scares kids the most is the devil that come along as well...

Parents take their kids out to places that they know Mikulas will be and often people create a show. Devils come around from different places and sometimes even adults are a bit afraid...

After kids sing a song or a poem to Mikulas they have to get across chains that the devils are holding..
..and jump across it!
The devils will try to put little kids in a bag if a parent tells them they have not behaved well and instead of a treat they will only recieve a piece of coal...


Why Kids Like Mikulas

So even though the devils are pretty scary, especially for little kids - it all comes with a reward. 

Kids will recieve all kinds of treats from Mikulas such as candy and chocolate and because of that they look forward to this celebration every year. 

Moreover, some parents will have stocking stuffed with more sweets for their kids at home as a reward of being brave and not being too afraid of the devils. So it may seem a bit cruel to some cultures but this tradition has been celebrated for many generations now and is still popular today.

The angels are also there to make sure every kid gets their treat.
Kid usually get comfortable around the devil too.
After all, they are all happy for getting their treats...