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Blossoming Incence Bearing Trees, Unearthing His Roots


Blossoming Incence Bearing Trees, Unearthing His Roots

By Lulu MacDonald

Part 1

Part 2

You Need To Help Yourself

Part 3

These Flowers Make You More Attractive

I hate it here, this place is so ugly and flat compared to where I grew up. How am I supposed to find happiness on sparseness?

But the horizon is filled with potential my darling. Cant you see, that this is a perfect foundation for creation?

No, I see nothing. I have no imagination because the flatness of this place weighs all my wonder down.

I will build you something. I have an idea. This is the perfect place to build something up high. I will create canals that stretch kilometers and collect water from the mountains for you, I will build grounds so thick and strong that they can support the largest trees, I will create tiles made of lime-stone and clay that are so stable water can run from the top to the bottom without undermining the foundations. I will give you this garden which will be so high, it will seem that it is hanging from the sky. I will give you this man-made mountain, a man-made oasis, a man-made paradise to you my queen. It is a gift of process, and time. It is a gift that blooms all year round. It will be a plaster for your sadness, your sadness which is so deep, the only gift I can give you to remedy it will have to be so high. It will be your convex to your concave. It will be your view, your mentality and your imagination. It will be your illusion and your reality. I will fix you with these hanging gardens. And you will be healed.

Part 4

Part 6

I want to tell you a story about a vessel, It is a story of giving birth. Once upon a time there was a woman, and she got pregnant by the man she loved. She suddenly stopped being the person she was before, instead she partook, unknowingly in a process that changed her body and her mind. She was creating life. Like a vase holding flowers, or the earth feeding trees her body became a home. Everything was going to plan, she was feeling good, growing outwards in all the right directions, but as she grew she took up more and more space. Not just physical space, more space on the bus or the train, more space in the waiting room, she took up more space from people. People started seeing her as a symbol of change. A person in a body that was in a constant transition. Sometimes it was lovely. It didn't scare or fright, it was like spring, blossoming. And sometimes it shook people to the bone, they projected all of their fears, sadness, regret and insecurities onto this person who already losing themselves to the image of a vase began feeling like a flat projection screen where people could beam their deepest anxieties of change onto her. Her body transitioned from hers, to the baby's to everyone else's. She gave birth and then watched her body change back, back to the size it was before, but changed forever. The skin had held life and acted as a holder but also as a silhouette, it acted as a surface which had this depth, this life underneath, it also had these brand new characteristics being forced onto it. The skin was no longer just on the outside holding everything in, it became the inside, holding everything out.

Part 7

I'm Ok, Sorry

Part 8

Compositions, from the florist to the gift giver to the gift receiver, composed by you, then by me. Then it lives in my still life, composed into my day.

Image by Anne Neier

With Thanks to Todd MacDonald Filmmaker and Photographer

Also to: Eric Bossaller, Billy Bossaller, Mike Jackson, Felizia Berchtold, Steffen Danek, Stella Henley and The Jimmy Jazz Choir Accompanyment, Lisa, Simon, Joss and Martha MacDonald

Blossoming Incence-Bearing Trees, Unearthing His Roots
A Work By Lulu MacDonald

Blossoming Incence-Bearing Trees, Unearthing His Roots by Lulu MacDonald has been created with the support from ISIS Arts and Mural.