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Lapse - Matt Pickering



Matt Pickering

Told through the eyes of Martha, Lapse explores the ways our relationship with the world changes throughout the progress of Alzheimer’s disease.

Unfolding within her garden, Martha experiences a mosaic of personal memories from different moments in her life, collapsed into a continuous stream that blurs past and present; reality and artifice.

Use your mouse to scroll down to experience the work. Lapse is best viewed with headphones.

LEVI is sat in a narrow, patterned wingback armchair. AMELIA enters from the stairwell and stands in the doorway.

She seems calmer now we're back.

Can you stay a little bit longer?

AMELIA shoulders her bag, bracing to leave.

Sorry I have to get to work, I could only get cover for morning period, do you mind? [Beat] Stuart’s taking the kids tomorrow night, I'll come by then. We’ll talk.


Wide shot from hallway into living room. A small portion of light spills out onto the hallway floor. A moment of silence, LEVI nods. AMELIA turns to leave and pauses.

I know what you're going to say, but we need to think about some support, maybe just some help around the house? Alec mentioned a new agency he's been in touch with...

Camera lingers for a moment.

Anyway, I'll catch you tomorrow.

AMELIA exits.


Wide static shot of AMELIA leaving the house. She looks for her car keys in her handbag as she walks quickly out of shot. A few moments after, LEVI leaves the house. He closes the door and leans on it for a moment.

4 November, 2012

11 May, 1993

A few of our residents are in a similar way. What does she enjoy doing? What did she do before she retired? These are the places she'll go back to.


Lapse was developed as part of Martha [Alzheimer's Machine III], a body of work exploring the effect of Alzheimer’s disease on the way we see, interpret and understand the world around us through the eyes of Martha, a fictional character living with Alzheimer’s.

Lapse was produced with support from ISIS Arts, Mural, Arts Council England, the Gane Trust, and Random Acts Network Centre North.

Cast: Jane Hayward, Linda Greenwood